Mobile marketing is massive already and forecast to exceed desktop Internet access in many developing countries (Smart Insights 2013). Therefore, every marketer needs to keep tabs on the opportunities of reaching their audiences via mobile and how to make their mobile sites and presences visible and accessible. 2012 saw a “huge shift to smartphones and tablets, with figures supporting trends and new opportunities for rich, engaging media” (Hilton 2013).

London Underground have noticed demand for mobile and are launching wifi, as well as being rolled out in black cabs. The opportunities for mobile advertising to continue to evolve are huge.


UK digital ad spend growth slowed slightly in 2012 as more marketers chose to experiment with mobile formats (O’Reilly 2013). Mobile spend in 2012 more than doubled (147 per cent) to £525m, up from £203.2m, accounting for 9.7 per cent of digital advertising spend in 2012 (O’Reilly 2013) Mobile has grown as marketers are becoming more attuned to the ‘always on’ nature of consumers who expect to engage with content wherever they are. “Consequently, advertisers are increasingly buying integrated campaigns across online and mobile rather than regarding mobile as an afterthought” (Strout 2013).

4G will have a huge impact in 2013, with more activity around mobile payments (electronic wallet). 4G will also have a direct effect on the amount of rich media advertising offered to customers.

EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ADAPTING TO MOBILE MARKETING EE’s launch of 4G – which is set to double its average download speeds in major cities – and other operators’ super fast internet launches this summer are likely to drive mobile advertising’s growth even further in 2013.


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