PR is all about reputation, and reputation can be a company’s biggest asset (CIPR 2013). PR helps maintain an understanding between a brand and its consumers. 

It can be said that a brand creates a series of ideas that build a larger message. Branding is used to influence customer perceptions. According to Waddington (2013) a brand is no more less than a connection between an organisation and its audience. There is said to be 525 messaging routes between a brand and its consumer.

There is a clear relationship between PR and branding. Branding allows a company to convey a core message to their audience whereas PR uses the message in order to strengthen the relationship.

Brand is concerned with customer perceptions whilst PR looks at reputation through transparency of the brand. PR uses transparency to build the reputation of a brand, to insulate its image (Blumenthal 2013). Starbuck’s campaign “fair trade coffee beans” is not to build the brand but to enhance the company’s REPUTATION.



Endorsement is a channel of brand communication in which a celebrity acts as the brand’s spokesperson (Roll 2010).

Many brands utilise celebrity endorsement in order to strengthen brand awareness. Brands should use celebrities who associate with their brand which will increase transparency and reputation. Celebrity endorsement allows instant brand awareness with added dimensions to the brand image (Katyal 2013).

Sponsored tweets

For a celebrity, a big Twitter base can mean the opportunity for big money from sponsored tweets. Brands provide information about the message they want to spread and what celebrities they want to spread it. Celebrities make the money by charging per tweet.


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