Marketers build digital campaigns to connect with and influence customers (Facebook Studio 2012), however, many seek to optimise the impact of their ad campaigns. “99% of sales generated from online branding ad campaigns were people that saw, but did not interact with the ads” (Facebook Studio 2012). Therefore, delivering the message is more important than the ‘click’.


Unlike traditional marketing, social media offers brands a chance to interact with consumers (Gleeson 2012). Online marketers are choosing Facebook over other digital channels to advertise their brand due to 800m current users (Facebook 2013). Before they are able to engage with customers, brands must build a dialogue that emphasises trust which can be awarded by providing value in a creative way (Gleeson 2012). 

Old Spice are recognised by their digital ad campaigns on YouTube, which can be shared through the social media platform. Their strong brand awareness resulted in Old Spice being the leading male body wash and deodorant brand in the US. Their social media campaign in 2010 saw sales to increase by 107% (Axon 2010). To top this off, their latest online interactions have seen a 800% rise in Facebook fans.

Brands can be found through search engine optimisation and creating brand awareness; this can be highly benefitted by a successful offline campaign. McDonald’s ‘Im Lovin’ it’ campaign can be regarded as highly successful when delivering their traditional brand in new ways; enhancing brand awareness.

In a highly fragmented media market, more and more brands are turning to the art of transmedia storytelling to turn online interaction into offline action. (Davis 2011). Jay-Z’s book ‘decoded’ witnessed an offline campaign leading to online action. Offline interaction occurred through billboards and bus shelters (Davis 2011) being enhanced by an interactive game. Jay-Z’s partnership with Microsofts Bing was a way to engage consumer’s with Bing’s new mapping software.

What should be considered is that people are very still very much participating in offline, with Vogue managing to increase its readership by 50% since 2000.


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